Hedley, Texas

John and Loretta Hall are a hard working couple that enjoy life together on their ranch in Hedley Texas.  They raise Braunvieh cattle and are very involved in the cattle industry, their church and fellowship with family and friends.  All you have to do is visit with them for a little while and you know what is important to this couple..

John is very much into Genomic DNA traits and they test all their cattle for the best carcass, maternal and performance traits.

Loretta is the Secretary for the Texas Braunvieh Association. She can provide you with information joining and about Braunvieh in Texas.

Married since 1997 they have open their hearts, knowledge and friendship to many.   


"For every beast of the forest is Mine, The cattle on a thousand hills. " - Psalm 50:10

J Bar Braunvieh 

John and Loretta Hall

Hedley, Texas